As well as stocking a range of dehumidifiers, fans and heaters, we also provide other equipment for flood restoration and disaster recovery. A selection of this is below.

Puddle Pump

• Designed for pumping water out of flooded cellars, warehouses, foundations, sumps, floodwater from domestic applicances etc.
• Clearance of water down to within 2mm from the surface
• Suitable for pumping clean water only
• Variety of pumps available (not necessarily the one shown), some with and some without float switches
• Typical flow rates of around 180Litres per minute
• Available in 110V or 240V
• Supplied with discharge hose
• Hire rates from £75 per week. Day hire also available.

Air purifier

• HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter delivers superb degree of air filtration with user-friendly and versatile features. This machine is ideal for handling indoor air quality needs, for any job involving sewage, mould, or fire damage, involving significant amounts of particulates and smelly gasses – a direct result of the damage itself.
In a water damage restoration environment, the high-velocity airflow needed for drying can stir up particulates that have settled in carpet or on other materials.
• Numerous air outlets allow multiple air flow directions for targeted drying
• At 19.9kg, the purifier easy to move
• Variable speed outlet provides air output of 562m3 to 713m3 per hour
• Dimensions: H 62.5cm, D 46.2cm, W 66.5cm
• 1.5 amp power draw
• Hire rates from £75 per week. Day hire also available.

Diesel Diaphragm Pump

• These standard site pumps are designed for moving dirty/muddy water with solids up to 6mm. Used in large scale flooding and where water has larger particulates
• Continuous drainage allows 24 hour operation
• 75mm inlet with a maximum flow of 30m3 per hour up to 18m maximum head
• Trolley handle and lifting eye for easy manoeuvring. 88kg weight
• Supplied with 6m discharge hose; longer hose available at extra cost
• Hire rates from £85 per week. Day hire also available.

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