How We Work

1.  Hire Only

If you only want to rent a dehumidifier or other building drying equipment then we deliver to your door, set it up, show you how it works and then collect when you’re finished.  Our highly portable equipment enables fast drying of water damaged buildings and contents.

Delivery cost depends on your distance from our base in Shepherds Bush, London.  Just call us to discuss dehumidifier hire costs, on 0800 078 6999 or email

monitoring photo

2.  Monitoring & Thermal Imaging Camera

If you need more understanding of the source of the damp, its spread and extent, and what remedial actions are required to repair your property, then we can provide survey and monitoring.


Full damp survey is typically chargeable at £145 and includes a schedule of actions required to resolve the problem.  Please contact us to obtain a more precise quote for assessment of your property.  Our thermal imaging cameras are excellent for non-invasive detailed investigation of damp in property and leak tracing.

Monitoring of damp during the drying process is undertaken at an additional hourly charge.  We endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum for you, so that your budget can focus on drying your property.

3.  Restoration Service

We can provide a full water and flood damage restoration service.  Whether you have a wet carpet and contents, damp ceilings from a bathroom leak, saturated walls or floor, we can provide a comprehensive leak tracing, damp assessment, building drying and repair service.

tiling ollgar close

Often there will be required some preparation work before building drying can be undertaken.  This may be where a flood incident involves black water contamination and an industrial cleaning operation will be required; or it may be that saturated render should be removed from walls in order to speed-dry building structures most efficiently;  or floor coverings removed in order to expose underlying floor structures to maximum benefit from dehumidifiers… and many other examples.

Following the strip-out / cleaning work, and the subsequent drying, we can undertake the reinstatement works to ensure your property is returned to its pre-flood condition.

Please call us to discuss your water damaged building repair needs, or email to