Do you have flood damage?  Burst pipe?  Rainwater ingress into your property from a broken roof?  Perhaps a broken gutter has resulted in a saturated wall showing damp on the inside?  Maybe suffering from rising damp or other dampness problems in your property?  Need to hire an industrial dehumidifier, or hire a smaller domestic dehumidifier?

We are water damaged building restoration specialists.  With our dehumidifiers and expertise we can restore your wet building back to its pre-flood condition.

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Contact us for the following services:

  • Dehumidifier hire – same day delivery
  • Water extraction and pump-out
  • 24 Hour flood restoration
  • Structural building drying
  • Speed drying solutions
  • Water damage repair
  • Fan & heater hire
  • Carpet drying
  • Flood damage cleanup
  • Damp assessment
  • Leak tracing
  • Thermal Imaging Camera technology
  • Residential & commercial work

We will be able to help.  Our team of experts will assess your requirements and agree a plan to clean the mess, dehumidify and dry your property, and reinstate the water damaged building to its pre-flood condition.

With years of experience in the building and property industry, we are well placed to provide professional service that will restore your property following flood, condensation and other water damage.

If you require any assistance or free advice then please call us on 0800 078 6999 or email us on info@dehumidifier-4-hire.co.uk

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